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February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

As a means for beginning our study and conversations regarding the Religious Traditions of the World I once again asked students to interview a classmate with the help of a series of pointed questions. The questions ranged from "What are some common perceptions of Muslims?" to "In your estimation must the President of the United States be a religious person?" Some of the results surprised me, but many of the responses mirrored comments from a similar survey I conducted two years ago.  Here are some of the results... (Does anything shock you about what you read?)

  • What religion do you feel you know the most about?  96.6% of respondents named some form of Christianity.
  • What religion do you feel you know the least about?  The most common responses were Buddhism, Daoism, and Hinduism.
  • Do you feel or claim any particular religious identity today?  93.1% said "yes" (Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Anglican, Quaker).
  • Have you ever practiced meditation?  Yes - 51.7% / No - 48.3%
  • Have you ever practiced yoga?  Yes - 62.1% / No - 38.9%
  • Have you ever fasted for any period of time?  Yes - 24.1% / No - 75.9%   

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