Difference Between Jesus & Religion

January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Update:  An op-ed by David Brooks, concerning Jefferson Bethke's video (see below), appeared in the New York Times recently. Titled "How to Fight The Man," Brooks' article relates that since Bethke's position has been critiqued by theologians he has "basically folded." In other words, Bethke seems to now recognize that his argument, while passionate and filled with self-confidence, was not based in Christian scripture or well-grounded. Brooks extends this reflection to other protests by young people when he suggests that arguments should not simply be based upon personal sentiments, but rather should be linked to and informed by established counter-traditions and schools of thought. Who are your intellectual dialogue partners? What sources do you draw upon when making an argument?

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Just over one week ago Jefferson Bethke posted a 4 minute video to YouTube in which he seeks to chart-out his understanding of the difference between Jesus and what he calls "false religion."  The video quickly went viral with over 14 million views in just a few days and began eliciting passionate reactions that vary from enthusiastic support to outright condemnation.  Through spoken word poetry Bethke argues that "religion is man centered" whereas "Jesus is God-centered."  Many of the critiques of Bethke's message though seem to center around the series of dualities that he sets up (here's one example of a critical response).  What do you think?

Check out this link to a Huffington Post article, which explores a bit of the controversy surrounding "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus."

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