Prison Meditation Practice Gets More Press

February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011

Last March we briefly discussed the growing success of Buddhist Vipassana meditation courses being offered in U.S. prisons.  (See "Prison Life & Meditation"). Well, it appears this same 10-day Mindfulness Training and treatment program has made the news again.  The Associated Press released another story this morning in which Dr. Ronald Cavanaugh of the Alabama Department of Corrections is quoted as saying inmates who complete the Vipassana meditation course are "less angry," and "more mindful of themselves and others."  He goes on to say that officials are seeing a "20% reduction in disciplinary action for those who have completed the course."

As we continue to explore Buddhist thought and practice this semester at High Point University (thru courses such as REL 1008 Introduction to Buddhism and REL 3033 Contemporary Buddhist Developments) we will certainly be considering the impact of these sorts of programs.  Check out the video below, and for more information consider visiting the website for Prison Dharma Network or grab a copy of Razor-Wire Dharma: A Buddhist Life in Prison, by Calvin Malone.

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