Finally, a Song for Atheists

November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010

This past week in REL 1003 Sacred Experiences in World Religions our class discussions briefly touched on the things that seemingly differentiate theists (i.e. individuals who believe in the existence of God or gods) from atheists (i.e. those who deny the existence of God or gods).  Much of our discussion revolved around the ways people make sense of suffering in their lives and the presence of evil in the world.  As you might imagine, at times it was a heavy conversation.  Well, on a lighter note...

Another of the factors that seems to differentiate religious people from non-religious people is music.  Across cultures and traditions music has always played a central role in religious life... as a teaching devices, as a means for sharing stories and truths, as an instrument of praise and thanksgiving, and as a vehicle for transformation.  Now, finally (courtesy of Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers) there is an anthem for atheists too.  Enjoy!

(Incidentally, I caught the Steep Canyon Rangers last month at the Piedmont Land Conservancy's Land Jam 2010, at the Carolina Theater in Greensboro, NC.  Great show and great cause!  Consider attending next year if you're in the area.)

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