Florida pastor promotes "International Burn a Quran Day" on 9/11 - How did we get here?

September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

On Saturday, Sept. 11th the pastor of the Christian nondenominational church, known as the Dove World Outreach Center, will lead members of his congregation and members of the wider Gainsville, FL community in what he has dubbed "International Burn a Quran Day." How in the world did we get here?

Watch the two short videos below (which include an interview with Pastor Terry Jones and footage of this week's protests in Jakarta, Indonesia and Kabul, Afghanistan) and then tell us what you think (by sending a comment). Now read the linked article by Rabbi Arthur Waskow titled "Qur'an Burning: The 5 Steps that Brought Us to this Point and Why Religious Communities Must Resist." In this article Rabbi Waskow explains how the confluence of the following events brought us to this tragic and dangerous moment: 1) historically typical responses to diverse truth claims, 2) American responses to the Sept. 11th, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers, 3) the U.S. attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, 4) the current Great "Economic Trauma," and 5) contemporary political and media-driven efforts to fan the flames of bigotry.

Where is the religious tolerance that the United States prides itself upon?

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