Glenn Beck weighs in on Christian social justice

March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

Last week our class discussions in Human Images in World Religions turned from efforts to understand the more "substantive" elements of religious traditions (i.e. the nature of the sacred, sacred people & places, as well as religious texts) to the more "functional" elements of religious traditions (i.e. what religious traditions "do" for people). Thus far we have explored the construction of personal and communal identity, and in the coming weeks we'll be examining religious responses to evil and suffering, as well as the intersection of religion and morality. These later discussions will enable us to make better sense of evangelizing, proselytizing, and social justice.

We'll it appears that television host and political commentator Glenn Beck beat us to the punch. Below you'll find a recent Colbert Report episode in which host, Stephen Colbert reflects upon Beck's March 2nd encouragement to Christians to leave their churches if they hear talk of social justice. Laurie Goodstein also responded to Beck in a March 11th article in the New York Times titled "Outraged by Glenn Beck's Salvo, Christians Fire Back." Enjoy.

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