A rabbi, a minister and a Muslim sheik walk into a restaurant...

December 3, 2009

December 3, 2009

Recently in "World Religions & Eastern Philosophies" we found ourselves discussing notions of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, while our discussions in "Human Images in World Religions" have turned to rubrics for understanding religious pluralism. Maybe its simply that we're nearing the end of our semester-long explorations so we find ourselves trying to summarize the relationships between religions of the world... or perhaps its the "holiday season" so our hearts and minds are especially open to compassionately regarding our religious neighbor.

Whatever the case may be here is a link to a recent New York Times article on the efforts of a rabbi, a minister, and a sheik to breakdown walls of religious prejudice and intolerance. If you are in the High Point / Greensboro area you might also consider learning more about the work of the Piedmont Interfaith Council (www.piedmontinterfaithcouncil.org) and their efforts to "build bridges of understanding and appreciation of cultural differences."

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