Film Reflection Guidelines (REL 2036)

August 1, 2009

August 1, 2009

Film Reflection Guidelines

On the due date in question bring to class a typed, two page (double spaced, standard margin) paper consisting of four components: 

1) One - two paragraphs summarizing the “text” (i.e. the case study or film). What happens? Who are the “players?” Is there a “central statement” or “position” articulated by the author or filmmakers?

2) One - two paragraphs about how this "text" relates to previous material you have read (in this course, in other courses that may have addressed a somewhat similar topic, through your personal readings, etc.). What do our textbooks suggest regarding this topic?

3) One - two paragraphs of critical interpretation and analysis (This is the key to a strong paper and consequently is worth 2pts!)
- This is not personal reflection.
- This is not simply regurgitation of facts and data
- Instead please comment on the data that you provide, as interpreted thru the theoretical tools/lenses presented in this course; In other words, make an argument. What does this material say? What does it mean? How does it fit? So what? What should your classmates make of this information? What makes this information (i.e. the material presented in the "case study") useful or irrelevant for the study of the Religions of East Asia?
• Comment on how one of our central theorists might analyze / interpret the “text.”
• Compare this "text's" position/thesis with another author’s position.
• Put the central argument of the "text" in your own words and then critique it, using the theories and tools of the course.
• Comment on what might be missing from the presentation.
• Delineate any biases or presuppositions built into the filmmaker's position.

4) Two discussion-oriented questions you have about the assigned “text.”
• In other words, if you were teaching this material (i.e. the subject matter examined in the case study) to your classmates what would you ask them in order to initiate a group discussion?

Each “Film Reflection ” is worth 5 points (see the aforementioned four components) or 5% of your final grade. 

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